“ESG Accelerator Program”orchestrated a flawless Demo Day,enlightening sustainable development and social responsibility with captivating innovations and practical applications

(Hong Kong. Aug 28, 2023) As the world becomes more focused on sustainability and social responsibility, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) will continue to play an important role in shaping the business landscape. ESG enables investors to comprehensively evaluate the value and investment risks of companies while promoting their sustainable development and social responsibility.

The Demo Day of the ESG Accelerator was held today (Aug 28) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, bringing together 10 outstanding startup companies. The event was attended by Dr. William Yu – Chief Executive Officer of the World Green Organisation, Mr. Herbert Siu – Assistant Director of ESG Accelerator, Mr. Rico Chan – Board Member of the World Green Organisation, Ms. Vivienne Chiu – Chief Brand and Communications Officer of BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited, Ms, Michelle Lam – Senior Director on Sustainability & Communications of Kerry Properties Limited, Mr. Eric Chan – Chief Public Commission Officer of Cyberport, Mr. Jimmy Ng – Senior Investment Manager of Gobi Partners Greater Bay Area and Mr. Pele Xiong – Investment Director of China Prosperity Captial, came together to grace the event.

Engaging participants with remarkable innovation

During the ESG startup accelerator program launched by the World Green Organisation and Cyberport, a group of innovative participants, including 10 startups such as NOT ONLY POWDER, Salvaged Limited, RiceFort, Tanbii, alfred24 Technologie, 1Source, Hive, OneCHARGE, Popsible NFT, and Re³, as well as ESG experts and industry leaders, came together to exchange ideas and learn about the best practices and trends in ESG. They received valuable feedback and advice to drive the development and application of their businesses.

On Demo Day, the event was kicked off by Dr. William Yu, Mr. Herbert Siu, and Mr. Eric Chan. Subsequently, the 10 startups from various sectors, including distributed cloud storage, tech-logistics, food recycling, fintech, and EV charging services,  each had 8-10 minutes to showcase the innovation and vision of their projects to international investors, potential customers, and partners.

These startups provided detailed introductions of their products, explaining the functionality, features, and advantages, allowing the audience to quickly grasp the value and applications of their products. Additionally, they presented their business models, demonstrating how they generate revenue from their products or services, showcasing the commercial value and growth potential of the startups. Moreover, these startups interacted with other startups and investors, sharing experiences and building collaborative relationships. Such exchanges and collaborations contribute to creating a more sustainable and responsible business ecosystem. The efforts and innovations of these startups will have a significant impact and contribution to the development and application of ESG in the field.

Each of these startups showcased their innovative ideas and visions, demonstrating their potential to make a significant impact in their respective fields.

The ten participating startups on Demo Day

NOT ONLY POWDER, a food tech startup dedicated to transforming fruit waste into healthy food and beverages.

Salvated Limited, a sustainable second-hand fashion reselling store that digitizes the process through a Hybrid SAAS platform.

RiceFort (Formally Daoad), an innovative rice husk upcycling company producing high-quality sustainable cultural and creative products, such as biodegradable plastics and polymer materials.

Tanbii, a groundbreaking Web5 application that measures individuals’ carbon footprint in the real world (Web2) and rewards digital currency in the virtual world (Web3) to promote a low-carbon lifestyle.

Alfred24 Logistics, a logistics tech company providing automated parcel lockers and software solutions for storage networks and carriers.

1Source, a comprehensive product safety scanning platform that analyzes ingredients and provides simplified ratings based on potential health impacts on humans, fish, animals, and the environment.

Hive, a distributed peer-to-peer cloud platform that leverages idle computer capacity to offer cloud storage and computing services.

OneCharge, a leading provider of comprehensive electric vehicle charging solutions, committed to transforming the charging experience for electric vehicle owners.

Popsible, an all-in-one NFT marketplace where people can discover and support local artists and social organizations by purchasing the latest NFT projects.

Re³, a provider of reusable takeaway utensil rental services, offering convenience to diners, profitability to restaurants, and environmental friendliness to the planet.

Event highlights: https://bit.ly/46iXAmt

Website: https://thewgo.org/site-wgo/esgaccelerator/


World Green Organisation

World Green Organisation (WGO) is a non-governmental organisation who is concerned with environmental conservation, environmental related livelihood and economic affairs by proposing an integrated, three-pronged solution that combines social, environmental, and economic aspects, leading to an environmental revolution. Through science-based policy research and community projects, WGO targets to enhance the quality of the environment, promote a greener economy, and to improve people’s livelihoods. Particularly focus on the social concerns of underprivileged groups and on the creation of a green economy to help realise its vision of sustainable development. For more information, please visit www.thewgo.org/website/eng.

Media Enquiries

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. William Yu(Mobile: 2391 1693 / 9041 3527; Email: williamyu@thewgo.org)

Assistant Director of  ESG Accelerator, Mr. Herbert Siu (Mobile: 9653 8757; Email:herbertsiu@thewgo.org)

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