World Green Organisation’s Green Partners Programme (GPP) aims to provide a platform for companies to create shared value between society and business by helping them realise their sustainability goals and utilise available environmental resources effectively.

Cornerstones of the Green Partners Programme

Widening Horizons in Green Practices

Sustainable development is an inevitable worldwide trend. With the rapid advancement of environmental science and technology, companies should actively seek to implement global best practices in order to remain competitive and ensure business viability. World Green Organisation arranges overseas trips and local visits that allow our Green Partners to keep abreast of leading edge green practices and technology around the world.

Leveraging Collective Green Intelligence

Being innovative and versatile has become a must in today’s ever-evolving business world, while building network with industry partners and sharing professional knowledge has extensive leveraging effect. The Green Partners Programme provides a platform for members to put heads together and exchange views on sustainable development.

Empowerment in Green Knowledge

Equipping staff with diversified capacities is the key to success for business. WGO’s Green Partners Programme provides training sessions, workshops, talks and community leader sharing sessions for company staff across all organisational levels, from frontline employees to senior management, advancing the entire company’s environmental awareness and organisational sustainability as a whole. Families of staff members will also be benefited from this programme through green lifestyle activities.

Recognising Green Efforts

CSR activities and meaningful environmental projects will increase staff’s understanding of a company’s core vision, while raising team spirit and morale at the same time. Through a series of activities such as sustainability-focused community projects, corporate member interviews and WGO’s Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme, the Green Partners Programme crystalise companies’ effort in building a better community and recognise their outstanding green practices at all levels through diversified promotion channels.

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