Results and Exhibition

Tertiary Group

Champion of Tertiary Group

Participants: Loo Fu Fong, Yang Wei, Lo Ki On

Topic: Vintage Factory

Our ideas come from five elements, including space, efficiency and convenience:  effective resource allocation in limited space; caring design and feasibility: satisfying the needs of all family members; treasurable memories and innovation; energy efficiency: the balance between energy use, costs and environmental preservation; safety standards.

1st Runner-up of Tertiary Group

Participants: CHAN, Mei Yan Melody, CHAN, Ho Man

Topic: Warm House

Our design brings in the concept of therapy from medical facilities and community centres to the elderlies’ own flats. It can be categorized into 5 aspects, encompassing therapy, reality-oriented experience, universal design, accessibility, and fall-prevention design. The ultimate goal is to boost their quality of life.

2nd Runner-up of Tertiary Group

Participants: Sarah Imran, Ali Jahan Zaib, Shefield Ng

Topic: Happiness in Little Victories

Simple tasks, which Granny is required to complete individually, are included in our design. That kind of daily training is to enhance Granny’s independence and capability. In the process, her self-confidence can also be established, such happiness can be gained through little victories.

Secondary Group

Champion of Secondary Group

Participants: Chan Yin Man, Kwan Chung Hei, Mo Chen Yaung

Topic: Flexikit

The primary symptoms of dementia are deterioration in the patient’s independence, knowledge skills and cognitive ability, resulting in further negative effects on their intelligence, emotions and behaviour. With our special layout, we hope to make the kitchen more comfortable for the elderly to cook.

1st Runner-up of Secondary Group

Participants: Chan Wing Hong, Wong Hiu Nam, Cheung Kam Kuen

Topic: Memories

The ultimate goal of our caring design is to let Granny and her family forget the inconvenience of living in a small flat, and at the same time, to recall their wonderful memories. They are thus allowed to enjoy the pleasure of a harmonious cooking experience in a safer and more comfortable space.

2nd Runner-up of Secondary Group

Participants: Ng Wai Ho, Tse Tsun Wing, Chan Wang Yeung

Topic: D Project

Letting Granny know that she can still cook for the family and cheer them up will help to make her become more optimistic and confident. Based on the principle of love and caring, our design focuses on training her intelligence, emotions and habits, which are the three main aspects badly affected by dementia.