Why should companies join?

GOALS provides a great opportunity to supports Hong Kong’s drive towards a low carbon city by building a platform to bring together the key change different sectors including business corporations, social service organisations, professional associations and university students – to share experience and accelerate positive changes in office and retail environments through the execution of best practices.

Our green office programme “Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme” (GOALS) is now recognised by the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) and Hong Kong Green Organisation (HKGO) and details are as follows:

  1. Awardees of the HKAEE and HKGO recognition will be recognised as having fulfilled 5 Green Office Best Practice Criteria under the scheme.
  2. Awardees of the Wastewi$e Certificate, Energywi$e Certificate, IAQwi$e Certificate, Productwi$e Certificate and Carbon Reduction Certificate will be recognised as having fulfilled 2 Green Office Best Practice Criteria.

About 400 companies’ offices have joined GOALS in 2013 – 2018, including multi-national and listed companies. They got a lot of benefit from:

Enhancement of corporate image

  • Once having met the minimum criteria, qualified companies will be awarded with WGO’s “Green Office” label. They are also granted the usage rights of both labels on an annual basis with which they can apply on all their corporate and promotional materials, as a recognition and honour of the company’s significant efforts to execute green practises and commitment to create a sustainable world.
  • Besides, participants will be invited to attend the grand award ceremony, participants’ company logos will be included in WGO’s newspaper advertisements, and they have the chance of receiving media coverage. There will also be great networking opportunities for companies to expand their business network through sharing among the participants.
Mr. WONG Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment speaking at the kick-off ceremony
Mr. WONG Kam-sing, JP, Secretary for the Environment speaking at the kick-off ceremony
Popular band "Sugar Club" supported GOALS activity
Popular band “Sugar Club” present at GOALS activity
Metro Finance interviewed participant about GOALS
Metro Finance Digital interviewed participant about GOALS
Received wide media coverage
Received wide media coverage

Savings on cost in the long run

We support companies to implement green practices through knowledge transfer and experience sharing. Not only does GOALS help to promote green culture, but it can also help to reduce a company’s operation costs in the long run. Below are some examples from GOALS’s participants:

  • A company replaced all their T8 fluorescent lights with T5 lights, which reduced the energy consumption by 40%. Their energy bills were also greatly reduced and the payback period was only 10 months.
  • A company installed a high efficiency electric hand dryer to replace paper towels in the bathrooms. Such action saved over 20,000 pieces of paper towel every month, reduced the spending on office supplies as well as saved the precious natural resources of the earth.

New Entitlements for GOALS Participants

To recognise companies’ continuous contribution in sustainability through the implementation of green office practices, the following entitlements will be offered according to the duration of participants’ green journey with GOALS:

World Green Organisation’s GOALS – Entitlements

Years of Joining GOALS
Entitlement <2 years 3-4 years 5-7 years 7+ years
Professional Green Office Auditing
WGO’s “Green Office” Label’s and “Eco-Healthy Workplace”  Annual Usage
Professional Green Office Audit Report
Invitation to Award Presentation Ceremony
Logo Exposure in WGO’s Official Website
Logo Exposure in WGO’s E-newsletter
Complimentary Media Coverage *^ (More)
Discounted Media Coverage*^ (More)
Invitation to WGO’s Seminars & Events ^ (More)
Corporate training programmes 10% Discount 20% Discount Free 1 person
20% Discount
(min. 2 persons)
Free 2 person
20% Discount
(min. 2 persons)
Green Networking Events^
Green Office Label


*Media coverage/interviews may be conducted in groups with other GOALS participants and subject to availability
^For limited spacing seminars and events, priority will be given to participants with a longer membership in GOALS programme


Contribution back to society

  • By providing low carbon-related job opportunities for young people, companies pass on the mission of environmental protection to the next generation. As part of the scheme, quality training will be provided not only to applicants, but also university students. Some 200 university students will be given tailor-made training in green office best practices, audit skills, behavioural change education, communication, presentation and reporting skills. Trained students will become “Green auditors”, who will carry out the green audit for applicants and prepare assessment reports. They will also be equipped for their future employment where they can be a green ambassador and bring green practices to their working environment.
  • Large corporations with green office implementation experiences will also be invited to share their best practices and wisdom during the training seminars, thereby benefiting SMEs.
  • By taking an active role in reducing waste and saving precious resources of the earth, GOALS companies can claim to be truly role models of global citizenship and together with WGO, join in the mission to promote green culture.
University students trained as Green Auditors
University students trained as Green Auditors

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