Hong Kong came into being as a small fishing village, in which state it largely remained, until the 1960s when it began to evolve into the international financial center it is today. Although the World Economic Forum points to innovation as a main factor behind the city’s competitiveness in today’s global markets, many analysts argue that the “lack of innovation” is one of the five major challenges to the city’s future economic development. The World Green Organization (WGO), aiming to address and counter these new challenges, initiated a competition to ignite youngster’s passion and inspire creativity, encouraging the city’s youth to generate and adopt innovative ideas to tackle social problems. Ultimately, in response to the five challenges Hong Kong faces, the WGO was inspired to create and facilitate the “Social Innovation Inventor – Competition for Innovative Design Competition”.

The aim of this competition is to encourage Hong Kong students to unleash their imagination, promote creativity, apply their knowledge practically; and, at the same time, engender the spirit of caring in our community.

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