Qualifications of Participation

Secondary School / Yi Jin / Foundation diploma Group

  • All students from local secondary schools, Yi Jin and foundation diploma students are welcome to participate
  • Each team can consist of 2-3 students
  • Team members can come from the same or different schools
  • There is no limit on the number of teams from the same school joining the competition
  • The competition is free of charge
Tertiary Education Group

  • All full-time students from local tertiary education institutions are welcome to participate
  • Each team can consist of 2-3 students
  • Team members can come from the same or different institutions and faculties
  • There is no limit on the number of teams from the same institution joining the competition
  • The competition is free of charge

Design Requirements

Secondary School / Yi Jin / Foundation diploma Group

Design a green waterfront promenade for the smart city.

Green Waterfront Promenade Information

  • Around 1-km long Promenade
  • Sufficient entrances along the Promenade for high accessibility
  • Suitable for people from all walks of life, including senior citizens, children and people with special needs

Criteria to be considered

  • Design and facilities with environmental and artistic elements and concepts
  • Encourage and support the act of walking in the area
  • Enough space for people to carry out various recreational activities
  • Possible facilities to be included in the Promenade : amenity lawn, multi-purpose area, jogging path, green zone, children’s play area
  • One of the entrances of the promenade located in the vicinity of a MTR station
  • Possible elements to be considered for the design: other suitable facilities, lighting design, power usage, construction materials, green building concepts and elderly-friendly design etc.

Tertiary Education Group

Design a smart community that accommodates the needs of different age groups and people from varied sectors. The design includes buildings, transport system, recreational area planning and public facilities etc. and needs to take space usage and planning into consideration. Participants are suggested to add other possible elements into the design.

Smart Community Information

  • Smart Community aims at enhancing people’s living standard and encouraging low-carbon urban development
  • The community is on a reclamation ground along the shoreline
  • Community area: 2 – 3 km2
  • Population density in the area: Around 40,000 persons per square kilometer

Criteria to be considered

  • Include 2 of the 6 features and functions of a smart city – smart environment and smart mobility – in the design of community.
    (Smart environment involves the implementation of green urban planning through the use of web-based and remote monitoring technologies to fully understand and analyse the distribution of public spaces, grassland and green belts with a view to promoting a green environment. It is also about the effective management and optimisation of building, community and urban resources to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, greening of channels and revitalisation of water bodies for greater environmental sustainability.
    Smart mobility involves the enhancement of the efficiency and service quality of urban transport through the use of video surveillance and remote detection technologies to monitor traffic facilities and conduct related data analysis for managing traffic flow, pedestrian flow and cargo flow in real time and handling emergencies. It also promotes mixed-modal access which integrates various modes of transportation, including public transport, clean-fuel vehicles, cycling and walking.*)
    * source : https://www.smartcity.gov.hk/themes?lang=en_US
  • Design and facilities with environmental and artistic elements and concepts
  • Include designs that can enhance energy efficiency, reduce overall carbon footprint and promote sustainable development of the community in the long-term
  • Age-friendly designs and facilitate the inclusion of older persons
  • Design of streets and facilities can encourage people to walk more and support walkability in the community
  • The design can also include other possible elements such as building distribution, innovative facilities, data collection etc.

Note: Picture above is for reference only

Judging Standards

Secondary School Group

  • Creative Concept
  • Space usage
  • Venue setting
  • Art concept
  • Environmental effectiveness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Applicable function
  • Feasibility
Tertiary Education Group

  • Creative Concept
  • Energy efficiency
  • Space Usage
  • Venue setting
  • Functionality
  • Environmental effectiveness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Applicable function
  • Sustainability
  • Feasibility


  • Interested parties can join the competition by completing the application form available on the webpage for “Social Innovation Inventor – Competition for Innovative Design”, on the World Green Organisation (WGO) homepage. Please send your application with a copy of the student ID card for each team member, from 1st December 2016 until the 20th of February 2017. Applicants under the age of 18 are required to submit the “Declaration of Participation” form signed by a guardian or a school teacher.
  • After receiving applications forms, the WGO will invite qualified teams by 10th of February 2017 to attend the Briefing Session on 11th of February 2017 by email.
  • Teams are required to elaborate on the design in either Chinese or English (less than 500 words).
  • By mid April, 10 teams from each group will be selected as finalists for the final round of the competition.
  • The finalists will be notified to attend a variety of free workshops, which will be held in April and May 2017. These workshops are mainly to help the finalists further improve their designs and innovative concepts.
  • Finalists are required to submit their final design proposals on or before 19 May 2017.
  • Final judging will take place in late May 2017. The Champion, the First Runner-up, the Second Runner-up and Merit Awards of each group will be selected.
  • All winning teams will be awarded with prizes in a ceremony in June 2017.

Core Judging Panel

Mrs. Gwen Kao
The Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease

Ms. Linda So
Corporate Affairs Director
MTR Corporation

Mrs. Rebecca Choy-Yung
Advisor of Hong Kong Shared Good Values
Wofoo Social Enterprises

Mr. Fai AU
O Studio Architects

Mr. WONG On Wa, Edward
Sr Place Making Manager(Design)
Energizing Kowloon East Office

Mr Peter Mok
Head, Incubation Programmes
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation


Champion :
Green Study tour

First Runner-up :

Second Runner-up :

Merit Awards :
The finalists will be awarded with attractive prizes
(There are a champion, a 1st runner-up and a 2nd runner-up for each group)

Competition Rules and Terms

  • Each student can only join ONE team and multiple entries are not allowed.
  • Participating teams must provide all information requested in the application form. Any false information found will result in disqualification.
  • Students, under the age of 18, need to submit a Declaration of Application signed by their parents, guardians or teachers.
  • All finalist teams must attend the free workshops held by the organizer, otherwise their competition work will be considered incomplete.
  • Participating teams, for any reasons withdraw from the competition, cannot complete the competition within the said period, or do not follow the competition rules, will be regarded as having their eligibility forfeited.
  • Entries must be original designs or invention. Any plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
  • The organizer is not responsible for any LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED designs.
  • Each finalist team will be entitled to a maximum of HK$500 allowance to make a model and is required to provide valid documents (i.e. receipts) when claiming the allowances. Any extra costs will be the responsibility of the participating team.
  • Prizes may not be transferred or redeemed for cash.
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the competition. The participating teams are not entitled to claim any compensation if such cancellation or modification occurs.
  • The organizer reserves the final right of adjudication on all matters related to this competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I reuse my design previously awarded or participated in another competition?
  • No, you cannot. This competition does not accept any design which was used in other competitions nor any designs that have been awarded.

  • Can I sell the design from this competition to a third party?
  • Yes. However, you must declare to the third-party that the World Green Organization owns and reserves the right to promote the design.

  • Can I submit more than one design in this competition?
  • No, you cannot. Each team can only submit ONE design for this competition.

  • I do not have any design-related knowledge nor receive relevant training, can I still participate in this competition?
  • Yes, you can. Disregarding the subject you are studying, you can join this competition as long as you are a Secondary or full-time Tertiary student in Hong Kong.

  • Do I need to make a prototype or a scale down model, or simply provide “Design Concepts” in this competition?
  • In the preliminary round, teams are only required to submit “Design Concepts”, without making any product prototypes or models. In the final, finalist teams can make a model to show their design concepts. A maximum of HK$500 model production allowance will be provided.

  • Is this competition free of charge?
  • Yes, this competition is free to join.

  • Are overseas students eligible to participate in this competition?
  • This competition only accepts full-time tertiary students and secondary students in Hong Kong.

  • Can I submit the design in AutoCAD 2D/3D formats, with plan view / isometric view / perspective view?
  • You may use AutoCAD 2D/3D formats, with plan view / isometric view / perspective view but you have to save the design in PDF format for submission.

  • Can I use the design from this competition for other purposes?
  • Yes, but in such situation, WGO owns and reserves the rights to promote the design.

  • Can I submit sketches?
  • Yes. You can submit sketches but they must be in PDF format.

  • Can we submit interactive design and animation to enhance the impact?
  • All designs’ format must be in one PDF file and we do not accept any other format.

  • Can we send all photos / sketches / isometric views / perspective views / renderings combined as a single file?
  • You may put all the relevant materials into one PDF file and send it to us by e-mail.