Sustainable Business Award


From 2016 onwards, all the listed companies in Hong Kong are required to comply with the new ESG reporting guidelines to enhance business transparency on their social responsibility. This acts as an important incentive to urge those enterprises to develop a better sustainable development strategy.


To raise local businesses’ awareness of the importance of their contribution in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), the World Green Organisation (WGO) has initiated an award scheme, namely The Sustainable Business Award to recognise corporations that have put efforts and contributions in the following assessment categories: Workplace Quality, Environmental Protection, Operation Practice and Community Involvement.

  • Workplace Quality

    – a company has put efforts in providing an excellent working environment and condition for its employees.

  • Environmental Protection

    – a company has initiated green practices to reduce its impact on the environment.

  • Operation Practice

    – a company has put efforts in creating a responsible supply chain system, product selection, etc.

  • Community Involvement

    – a company has made financial contribution to the society and/or in community engagement.

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