Application procedure


Offices or functional units of large corporations, SMEs and organisations, operating in Hong Kong or Macau.


Applicants meeting the following 2 requirements will have the chance to be awarded.

1. Fulfilling Green Office best practice criteria checklist

2. Fulfilling Eco-Healthy Workplace best practice criteria checklist


Green office best practices:

Around 150 feasible green criteria are grouped into the following 8 categories:
Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction, Paperless, Green Procurement, Integrated Environmental Management, Education and awareness, Green Innovation
. The criteria are designed by technical partners – SGS and professional associations. It aims for three levels of green improvements, starts from basic requirements that are easy to implicate and up to those that are more. The minimum requirement for each level indicated below:


Fulfill at least 10 criteria in Level 1;
Fulfill at least 10 criteria in Level 2; and
Fulfill at least 5 criteria in Level 3.

Large Corporations:

Fulfill at least 12 criteria in Level 1;
Fulfill at least 12 criteria in Level 2; and
Fulfill at least 6 criteria in Level 3.

Level 1

To raise environmental awareness and knowledge among workforce through simple and achievable measures. For example, putting up stickers in the offices to encourage staff to save energy and setting up printers to print both sides of the paper.

Level 2

To promote behavioural change through provision of supporting office infrastructure and equipment. For example, having sleep mode enabled on all photocopiers and all printers, and placing recycling bins, such as waste paper, metals and plastics, in accessible, high-traffic areas and providing clear information about what can and can’t be recycled.

Level 3

To incorporate green office best practices into their daily operations. For example, developing and adopting green purchasing policies, offsetting travel using a carbon offset programme and encouraging staff to participate in environmental activities.

The extracted version of Green Office Best Practice Criteria is for reference only. A full list of 150 green criteria will be sent via email after join the scheme.

Eco-healthy workplace best practices:

Fulfill at least 5 criteria including Policies, guidelines and management supports, education and awareness of staff and sub-contractors, energy management – lighting, water management, noise management, office equipment ergonomics, greening, chemical handling


Submit the completed application form with fees by cheque. Please issue a crossed cheque payable to “World Green Organisation”. The fees are non-refundable and to be settled in one single installment.



SMEs: HK$5,800 

Large Corporations: HK$10,500

SMEs are defined as non-manufacturing business/organisation which employers fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong; or manufacturing business/organization which employers fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong.


Contact Person: Miss Chan

Tel: 2991 9110 / 2391 1693



Address: Green House, 4th Floor, 483 D-E, Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong

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