Great Eagle X World Green Organisation “Waste Reduction Starts with Me” Community Activities, Upcycling, and Finale Carnival


Sponsored by the Great Eagle Group, the World Green Organisation (WGO)’s “Waste Reduction Starts With Me” program successfully concluded with an “Exchange Carnival” finale event. This program, on its second year, integrates environmental awareness into corporate sponsors, arouses public concern about waste reduction, and together builds a green society. To do this, WGO trained young people to become “6R Environmental Pioneers” and enhanced the public’s understanding of the environment through fun and engaging community activities. The 6 Rs are to reduce, reuse, recycle, rescue, redesign, and reform new concepts and ideas so that waste can be repurposed and transformed into works of art.

The “6R Environmental Pioneers” began the program by collecting waste materials that they can later upcycle. Through a number of workshops and demonstrations, these young pioneers learnt how they can teach other community members (children, housewives, the elderly, and special needs) to also creatively reuse and reduce waste. For example, creating wallets using non-recyclable beverage cartons, crafting multi-purpose baskets using used plastic shampoo bottles, or using flowers and other used ornaments to make banners. The culminating carnival introduced the concept of bartering to reduce waste. Guests were able to trade their old products for refurbished items that the pioneers created. The carnival also had several upcycling workshops and ‘green’ games to increase public knowledge and understanding of environmental protection. Through this, WGO aims to make Hong Kong a greener place.

The Under Secretary of the Food and Health Bureau, Professor Sophia Chan, JP, and the Chief Executive Officer of WGO, Dr. William Yu invited green super star “Supper Moment” to show and share their inspirational attitude towards environmental protection at the finale carnival. At the carnival, guests were able to barter and exchange products such as detergent and plastic bottles for the artworks made from the waste materials.

Chief Executive Officer of WGO, Dr. William Yu said,

I am so excited to see that the 6R Environmental Pioneers program was once again such a success. They were able to share their ideas of how to utilize waste creatively with people from all walks of life. By reaching out to families, schools, and communities, we are spreading the word of the importance of not wasting resources so that they can protect the environment.

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