Award Application and Eligibility

Award Application Process Flow and Assessment Procedure

The applicants will go through the judging panel’s assessment and enhancement flow:

All listed and non-listed corporations registered in Hong Kong that have put efforts in improving their ESG performance and involving in environmental protection and community investment will be eligible to enroll into the Sustainable Business Award.


Declaration of Application

  • The applicant hereby applies for the Sustainable Business Award and acknowledges that all information provided is correct, accurate and complete. The applicant agrees to the use of this information by the award organisers in the application, judgement processes and any other matters directly related to the award.
  • All information provided by the applicant will be kept strictly confidential and used by the award organisers only for purposes directly related to the Sustainable Business Award. The applicant agrees to pay the award enrollment fee of HK$75,000 (earlybird: $55,000) if it has been shortlisted by the judging panel.
  • WGO will collect 10% as admin charge (handling & judging fee) if applicant has not passed the judging panel successfully. The remaining will be return to applicant.
  • The applicant agrees to grant the award organisers the usage rights of their company’s official logo in any promotional items relating to the Award, including but not limited to website, leaflets, newsletters and flyers,etc.
  • The applicant agrees to inform WGO should there be any change in their company’s official logo.
  • The applicants can provide further supporting materials upon the request made by the judging panel for assessment purposes.

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