Mission & Principles

Our Mission

To promote environmental conservation, environmentally related livelihood and economic affairs by proposing an integrated, three-pronged solution that combines social, environmental, and economic aspects, leading to a environmental revolution.

Our Beliefs

Promoting Humans and Nature as ONE: The WGO responds to an increasing desire from the community for a harmonious relationship with nature through the simultaneous consideration of environmental, social, and economic needs.

Fostering a sharing spirit: The WGO is backed by a panel of international and local leading professors and experts in the field of environmental and social sustainability. We act as a hub for policy research, provide a network of experts, and facilitate collaboration among various stakeholders.

Adopting a Scientific Approach: The WGO believes in knowledge and adopts a scientific methodology. We are a research-based think tank that brings together “Green Brains” from across the world to provide insights, policy wisdom, and practical solutions that address social and environmental challenges.

Promoting Green Culture: The WGO aims at boosting the public’s understanding about environmental protection. We shall promote a green lifestyle by organising the “Green Hong Kong Campaign” and staging the annual “Green Festival” and “Green Concert”.

The WGO’s Foci

  • To address the conflicts between development goals and environmental goals;
  • To reduce the negative health impacts of climate change on low-income groups, and to improve the quality of life of underprivileged families;
  • To address the environmental degradation brought about by development projects through the adoption of international best practices.

Not only does environmental protection relate to social policies, but it also entails a pledge to change personal lifestyles. When we live a basic, simple life without wasting environmental resources, we can live in harmony with Mother Nature.

WGO will work with you in redefining the meaning of being “Green”. As World Citizens, we shall take action today to promote a environmental revolution. Through this, we shall stop pollution, create opportunities to become greener and maintain a quality living environment for us and the next generation.

Policy Focus:

  • energy
  • air quality
  • climate change
  • poverty
  • green building
  • social and environmental costs
  • waste management
  • social engagement
  • green economy
  • public health
  • stakeholder engagement

WGO’s major projects ahead:

– Hong Kong –

  1. Electricity Tariff and Energy Policy Reform in Hong Kong
  2. Smart Metering Behavioral Change Research in Hong Kong
  3. Improvement in Air Ventilation and Temperature of Sub-divided Housing
  4. Waste Reduction – Behavioral Change Program in Tseung Kwan O
  5. Cost and Benefit Analysis of Infrastructure Projects in Hong Kong
  6. Air Quality, Carbon Footprint and Health Study in Hong Kong

– Overseas –

  1. UN Sanitation and Hygiene Project in Myanmar
  2. Poverty Uplifting and Green Education Programs in “Inn Kan” Village near Yangon city of Myanmar
  3. Joint Energy Policy Research with Beyond Zero Emissions, Energy Research Institute, University of Melbourne
  4. Australia’s Community Engagement Experience Transfer Program
  5. Joint projects in Social and Environmental Cost Analysis in Australia