Case sharing

Participants shared their experience of taking steps to go green during media interviews. They also shared how GOALS benefited them.

Extracted from 01/2017, Capital

Extracted from 08/2016, Capital

Extracted from 01/2016, Capital

Extracted from 08/2015, Capital

Extracted from 05/2015, Hong Kong Economic Times

Extracted from 04/2015, Ta Kung Pao

Extracted from 11/2014 for 3 consecutive period, U Magazine

Extracted from 01/2014, Capital

HKSOW – Green moon

  1. Crystal Group
  2. Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited

Metro Finance Digital – Business Blueprint‎

  1. Episode 15
    Interviewed Company: Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited
  2. Episode 20
    Interviewed Company: GOODCON Design Ltd
  3. Episode 31
    Interviewed Company: Megaman (HK) Electrical & Lighting Ltd
  4. Episode 34
    Interviewed Company: 4M Industrial Development Limited
  5. Episode 37
    Interviewed Company: Crystal Group
  6. Episode 40
    Interviewed Company: Power Assets Holdings Limited
  7. Episode 45
    Interviewed Company: BannerSHOP Holdings Limited
  8. Episode 48
    Interviewed Company: Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
  9. Episode 49
    Interviewed Company: Sa Sa International Holdings Limited
  10. Episode 50
    Interviewed Company: The Hong Kong and China Gas Company
  11. 20th Dec 2014
    Interviewed Company: Leo Paper Group (Hong Kong) Ltd
  12. 7th Mar 2015Interviewed Company: Hantec Pacific Limited
  13. 11th Jul 2015
    Interviewed Company: Dah Chong Hong Holding Ltd
  14. 18th Jul 2015
    Interviewed Company: Baguio Green Group Limited
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