2017-2021 Electricity Tariff Forecast

In light of the expiring 2018 Scheme of Control Agreements and 2020 requirements of fuel mix change, World Green Organisation has once again forecasted the trend of electricity tariffs for the next five years. We expect that HEC will probably reduce electricity tariffs by 1-2% each year until stabilising and …


2017 Electricity Tariff Forecast Conference

Every December, the government announces the energy tariffs for the next year. As an environmental non-profit that is concerned about the energy issue and the livelihood of the people, World Green Organisation (WGO) is analysing the price trend of the world energy market and the energy usage data of Hong …


World Green Organisation is launching Hong Kong’s first ever “White List” of baby products that has higher and safer standards

According to the USEPA, there were at least 87,000 chemicals that were being used worldwide for commercial purposes. However, only a small percentage of these chemicals’ toxicity is fully known. This is mainly due to the lengthy timeframe and expensive process of testing the toxicity of individual chemicals. As a result, governments worldwide can only use the limited number of chemical toxicity research results to set safety regulations for commercial products.